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Buettner Inc. was established on August 1, 2000 to provide Project and Construction Management Services for building and land development to private developers, facilities planners, public agencies and design professionals.

Our company relocated to Nevada in May of 2006 from the Monterey Bay area of Central California anticipating certain growth in this area. We are a small company in numbers but have the experience, resources, flexibility and stability to meet any need our clients dictate.


Establishing trust and confidence is the heart of the relationship and key to our success as construction management professionals. Buettner, Inc. strives to build this trust and earns confidence in the following ways:

1.  We represent no other interest in the project except yours. Unlike other commissioned professional on your team, your Construction Manager is charged with no other task than to represent you and your agency’s interests throughout the project development and construction process. We are your ears, eyes and voice in the field and provide leadership for the rest of the project team.

2. We diligently administer contract agreements our clients will establish with design professionals and contractors. Our primary responsibility is to make sure that all parties; the architect, engineers, testing firms and contractors, are performing as per their contractual agreement with the owner.

3.  We assist you and the design team in developing the tightest set of bid, construction and contract documents possible. During the design process we conduct systems coordination reviews so that when it comes time to put your project out to bid we are confident we have a cohesive and complete set of documents. This process is the first step in protecting our clients from extensive change order requests during the construction process due to design document conflicts.

4. We protect against design decisions that impact your budget unnecessarily. Throughout the design process we conduct value engineering sessions, managing our cost estimating effort, assuring that the project can be delivered within budget.

5. We guard against unsubstantiated claims and change order requests from contractors and encourage creative solutions to unusual situations during the construction process.

6. We keep you informed during any and all changes and decisions altering the original intent of the construction documents.

7.  We close out the project verifying our clients have received all due warranties, training, Operations and Maintenance Manuals and we assemble project archive documents for safe storage.

8. We conduct all our services with integrity, consistency and dedication. Our sole purpose is to help you successfully manage your capital projects as efficiently and cohesively as possible. In short, we are here to help you deliver and to help you shine in the eyes of those who have entrusted you with the responsibility of improving their lives. We have no design to broadcast and no engineered system to protect. We prefer to allow our clients to receive the recognition they deserve in assembling the right team to accomplish a successful project.


Licensed Nevada General Building Contractor #0070049, Class B2
Licensed California General Building Contractor #720011, Class B.


Professional Liability
General Liability
Auto Liability
Worker's Compensation

Statutory Requirement
  • Site Planning and Conceptual Development
  • Contract Document Development
  • Construction Document Plan Review and Development
  • Project Master Scheduling
  • Project Cost Estimating
  • Construction Observation
  • Contract Administration
  • Construction Claims Consulting
  • Facility Commissioning
  • Move-in Coordination

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