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Tony Buettner

Construction Management (CM) is a discipline uniquely tailored to the planning, design and construction process of capital projects.  It has proven effective regardless of the chosen contract form or project delivery method.  Indeed, CM has been used successfully in all contracting methods and delivery systems by Owners who do not continuously maintain the staff expertise or numbers necessary to deal with the complex responsibilities involved in the management of major projects

There comes a time in every project endeavor when the decision to assemble a project team must be addressed. The question of whether and when a Construction Manager should be selected and introduced into the project is one of the many important decisions an owner must make in the development of any program.

Project history shows that the earlier the Construction Manager is involved in the project the more the owner is likely to benefit. The CM provides the owner with true team leadership on design, scheduling, cost estimating and construction issues. The early introduction of a CM to your projects also enables the CM to assist the owner in structuring a relationship with other team members.

During the pre-design and pre-construction phase of a project the CM can advise the owner on program deficiencies, selections, suitability of site, development of schedules, estimates and of course, value engineering and constructability reviews during each phase of design.  The CM understands the process of project estimating and proposal delivery from the GC’s point of view, helping the architect and owner in the development of sound construction and contract documents.

As principal owner and CEO, I tender 32 years of construction project experience to your program team. Established as an independent, Owner Agent CM company on August 1, 2000, Buettner, Inc. provides CM services for building and land development to private developers, facilities planners, public agencies and design professionals.

At Buettner, Inc. we believe that it is our charge to represent our clients interest  at all times during all phases of the project. Thank you for considering our services.

Tony Buettner, President


Pacific Steel and Recycling Plant, Industrial and Commercial Construction Pacific Steel and Recycling Plant
32,000 Sq. Ft. Facility (2 Buildings), Value: $3.5 Million.

Barrick Goldstrike Mines, Inc. – Dry Facility, Industrial and Commercial Construction Barrick Goldstrike Mines, Inc. – Dry Facility
7,300 Sq. Ft. Facility, Value: $2.2 Million.

County of Santa Cruz - Redevelopment Agency County of Santa Cruz - Redevelopment Agency – Live Oak Library. Demolition and re building of new library for City of Live Oak.

City of Newark –Silliman Swim Center, Public Works Construction City of Newark – Public Works – Silliman Swim Center. Development of addition to existing public health club.

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